Success stories

A small setback or change of heart can often lead to better opportunities. We spoke to students who joined us through Clearing and Adjustment to discuss the advantages of studying at Queen Mary.

World-class university

We are known internationally for our teaching and research, which means students travel from all over the world to study with us.

"I chose Queen Mary because - as an international student - the international reputation of an institution is really important to me. Queen Mary is a well-known university around the world and it ranks well in both the Times Higher Education and QS Rankings. If I go back home when I graduate, I’ll be recognised as a Queen Mary graduate which will help my employability."

Hanyue Zhang, Mathematics and Statistics BSc 2018

Career success

Our students secure internships and placements that increase their employability prospects.

"I found out about the internship at Avention after reading one of the newsletters sent by the Careers and Enterprise team. I received a lot of support from my departmental careers officer which definitely helped with the challenging three-stage interview process. My internship allowed me to get practical experience in the corporate world of the City and gave me the opportunity to develop invaluable business contacts. It was hard work but it helped me to challenge myself. I was then offered a permanent position at the company by the Senior VP himself.

I am now contracting as a Project Manager with the Department for Transport (DFT). In September, I am moving to Strasbourg to complete a masters in Space Science at the International Space University."

Sabrina Alam, Theoretical Physics BSc 2018

Campus community

Not only do our students get to live in a bustling city, they also get to enjoy all the advantages of campus life, including a friendly student community, safety and convenience.

"Queen Mary is one of the only universities in London that has a main campus. When you’re on campus, you know you’re in London but it feels a little bit separate to everywhere else because you’re in a student environment. You’re surrounded by people who are all learning and doing the same thing as you. There’s also so much on offer here – you have a huge Library, a really active Students’ Union and great sports facilities. It feels like a real community - it’s like a little village inside London."

Joe Vinson, Law LLB 2019

Great courses

With over 240 different undergraduate programmes on offer and many opportunities to undertake joint degrees, you'll be able to find a course that you love at Queen Mary. 

"The course is truly amazing. Put together, History and Comparative Literature combine a lot of my interests and ambitions. With History you get to learn what the authorities have said about certain situations. With Comparative Literature you get to learn what the people were saying about themselves. Every lecture I’ve gone to, every seminar I’ve attended, every reading I’ve had to do, every assignment I have done, has been exciting. I sound like a nerd but these are the things that make me love my time at Queen Mary."

Immaculata Abba, History and Comparative Literature BA 2019 

Inspirational teaching

At QMUL, you'll be taught by world-leading researchers, which means your degree will reflect the latest thinking, technology and discoveries. 

"Global Health is a multidisciplinary degree. We’ve studied a wide-variety of subjects, including anthropology, sciences, international politics and current affairs. With every module and every lecturer you learn something new, so you never get bored. The lecturers are really experienced and really passionate. They are all teaching because they love what they are doing and they want to impart that knowledge to us."

Lewis Thomas, Global Health BSc 2019 

An international experience

Many of our students choose to spend a year or semester studying at partner institutions across the world as part of our Study Abroad programme.

"I always wanted to study abroad. I think it’s a great opportunity to go out and soak up a completely different culture. The American colleges were always appealing to me, so I chose to study at the University of Miami for my third year. I had to do the application at the beginning of my second year. It is a competitive process but as long as you’re getting the grades and you can write a good personal statement, you are going to get in and you are going to have the most incredible year of your life."

Liam Hartley, Physics MSci 2017

An exciting social life

We want you to make the most of student life and don't expect you to spend all your time in the classroom. At Queen Mary, there are lots of opportunities to try new things, make new friends, and travel to exotic places.

"My favourite thing about Queen Mary is how friendly everyone is. I first visited the campus when I was at school for a robotics workshop and feel like I've fitted in ever since. When I say you fit in here, I don’t mean you become a blur in the crowd - you get to create your own unique experience within a supportive environment. I'm involved with a sports programme called Get Active. We run around forty different sports sessions a week and have the chance to train with professionals. I've also performed at spoken word events, volunteered at the London Marathon, and studied Spanish in Colombia as part of Queen Mary’s summer school programme. You get to try a lot here."

Tanzina Khatun, Geography BA 2017

A supportive community

It's important that our students feel supported while they are with us. Whether you're trying to decide what modules to take or preparing for an internship, there will be someone at Queen Mary to advise and support you.

"One of the best things about Queen Mary is the amount of support available for students. I spend a lot of time in the Informatics Teaching Laboratory, where students can ang out, work and resolve issues as one. The Student Support Officers there are really friendly and can give you advice on anything from your course to finding internships. They’re even there if you’re having a difficult time and just need someone to talk to. We have an amazing departmental Careers Advisor. She helped me secure a year-long industrial placement at a financial software company. She helped me through each step of the application and interview process."

Hugo Batista, Information Technology Management for Business with Industrial Experience BSc(Eng) 2018

Life in the capital

Studying at Queen Mary means studying in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

"Moving to London from Greece was a huge step in my life. The first months were a culture shock, but eventually I became part of London. I realised how easy it was to find great friends from all around the world. The best thing about living in London is that you can never get bored. There are so many things to do and so many places to explore that make London a very unique place to live. After living in London for nine months, I can honestly say that I have seen only a small part of London’s beauty and culture. It feels like I’m living the dream."

Antonia Papoutsi, Biomedical Sciences BSc 2019

The London advantage

Moving to a new city can be daunting. However, establishing roots in the cultural, political and economic capital of the UK will give you an advantage when you graduate.

"As an International Relations student, studying in London has given me the chance to be close to the centre of UK politics and take advantage of lots of different events. I went to the Citizens UK London Mayoral Assembly and got to see candidates Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan debate live. The variety of faith organisations, schools and universities that came together to tackle important issues was definitely something you wouldn’t see in any other city on earth. I’ve also been active in the ‘Refugees Welcome in Tower Hamlets’ campaign with Citizens UK. Experiencing grassroots politics in action as a student has prepared me for a career in politics.

I am now undertaking an International Public Policy MSc at Queen Mary."

Amrin Nahar, International Relations BA 2016

Work experience

Many of our students undertake work experience while they study with us. At Queen Mary, there are hundreds of opportunities to take up part-time and voluntary work in different sectors.

"Clinical Psychology is an incredibly competitive field. Even with a good degree, I knew I would need some valuable work experience too. The Queen Mary Students’ Union offers lots of opportunities to volunteer locally in a variety of sectors. They helped me secure a placement at St John’s Hospice in North West London where I cared for people with life-limiting illnesses. It was a really eye-opening experience that has helped prepare me for the sorts of difficult situations I will face in my career. My placement strengthened my passion for my chosen field and has put me on the right path to achieving my goals.

Since graduating, I have been able to secure employment in psychological settings. I have been employed as a support worker with two different client groups: people with mental health conditions, as well as people with acquired brain injuries. I am also an honorary assistant psychologist in an NHS hospital."

Taneesha Jones-Seale, Psychology BSc 2016