Guide to Clearing

Clearing is available from July to September each year. If you already have your results but no offers you can use Clearing from July.

Get in touch as soon as you receive your results. Places at Queen Mary are limited and Clearing offers are made on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Watch our short Guide to Clearing


How to apply

To apply, you must speak to a member of our Admissions team. You can call us +44(0) 207 882 5511 (lines are open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm) or email us at clearing@qmul.ac.uk

Have the following information to hand when you call:

  • your UCAS personal ID (if you have one)
  • details of your qualifications, including qualification type, subjects studied and grades achieved
  • the name of the course you are interested in
  • your UCAS history (whether you have applied to university before and whether you have received offers from other universities)
  • your fee status (whether you are a home, EU or overseas student)
  • your contact telephone number and email address.

Do you think you may be in Clearing?

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What happens next?

Once we've taken all your information, there will be one of three outcomes:

  1. We offer you a place on your chosen course straight away -If we’re able to offer you a place straight away, we’ll confirm the offer over the phone. You’ll then receive an email telling you what to do next.
  2. We pass your details on to a specialist Admissions Manager -In some cases, a specialist Admissions Manager may need to assess your application. If this happens, we’ll aim to contact you within 24 hours with a final decision.
  3. We cannot offer you a place on the course -The course may be full or your qualifications may fall below the minimum entry requirements. We’ll tell you there and then over the phone so you’ll be free to consider other courses at Queen Mary or approach other universities offering similar courses.

Accepting your place

To accept an offer from us, you must make this course your Clearing choice on UCAS Track within the deadline contained in your email. If you miss the deadline, your offer will expire and your place may be offered to another applicant.

Only follow these steps if you are sure you want to accept the offer.

  • Go to the ‘Your choices’ section of UCAS Track and click 'Add Clearing choice’, then enter the details of the course.
    • The email confirming your offer will contain the course code.
    • Our UCAS Institutional code is Q50.
  • Our Admissions team then need to verify the information you told us over the phone. This usually takes 1-2 working days, so please be patient.
  • Once we have verified your details, your offer will show as accepted on UCAS Track and you'll receive a confirmation email.