Clearing top tips

In order for you to have a smooth experience applying through Clearing read our top 5 tips that will help you prepare for the day.

  1. Don’t panic – Have someone with you for support and keep a clear head for you. Make sure you don’t rush your decision. See how clearing works.
  2. Collect your results and check what grades you’ve achieved – Before you start looking for universities and available courses make sure you know what your total grades are. Make a list of all the qualifications you've achieved. Once you have these make a note of the telephone numbers of the universities you are interested in and have them ready.
  3. Research available options – make a wish list of universities and courses by looking at what is available on the UCAS website and our Course Finder where you will find more information about the content and structure. You can also chat to our students online.
  4. Weigh your options and shop around – Once you’ve identified a few courses and universities that you are interested in take time to think about where you want to study. Check the reputation and ranking of the institutions, look at the different kinds of benefits they offer and graduate opportunities of the courses.
  5. Visit our campus to make sure it feels like the right place for you – Make time and be prepared to visit the universities you’ve shortlisted to find out if it feels like the place you want to spend your next three years. Check the accommodation and how much it costs and ask questions about campus life and student support. Visit us on campus.

Clearing allows you to take your place at Queen Mary and study for an undergraduate course if:

  • Your exam results are not what you expected
  • You already know your exam results and are looking for new opportunities
  • You have no offers from other universities
  • You are applying to university for the first time this year

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