The future of life sciences at Queen Mary

QMUL has embarked on its most ambitious project for a generation – a new life sciences initiative that will, for the first time, bring together our academic expertise in the life sciences spanning all three faculties. The initiative will develop new degree programmes, new research areas and opportunities, and put QMUL at the heart of the UK’s thriving life sciences industry.

The overarching research focus of the initiative is post-genomic population health – a multidisciplinary area of research that aims to examine how the genetic make-up of individuals, in combination with their environment (both physical and social), affects their susceptibility to disease and illness, and also their response to different treatments.

The initiative will capitalise on our existing strengths in the School of Medicine and Dentistry’s cancer, cardiovascular disease and preventive medicine research, the majority of which is conducted at Charterhouse Square; our partnership with the clinical facilities at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, part of Barts Health NHS Trust; and our wide-ranging life sciences research conducted within the Science and Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences faculties based at Mile End.

Visit the life sciences website for more information.