Research features

Can a strong local community improve your health?
11 October 2012

Dr Vicky Cattell examines the link between local community life and wellbeing

Shockwave therapy can be used to treat plantar fasciitis Better treatment for tendon injuries
3 August 2012

Using electric shockwaves for effective treatment of severe tendon injuries   

Harvesting heat from car exhausts to transform it into electricityNanotechnology opens up new ways to harvest energy
27 July 2012

Developing new materials to transform waste heat into useful electrical energy

Nanostructured zinc oxide rodsThe power of sound to generate electricity
24 July 2012

Creating ‘nano-generators’ that transform sound into power

Bayesian statistics (detail)Bayesian network modelling supports surgeons working with trauma
4 July 2012

Computer scientists improve decision-making in the treatment of trauma 

Tanks are fitted with sensors that can monitor the weather: wind, rainfall, temperatureAllowing databases to grow and evolve without compromising performance
4 July 2012

Dr Mark Walters worked with IBM to improve the performance of large databases

Searching for cures for dementia
18 May 2012

Dr Bronwyn Parry is fascinated by what motivates people to donate their brains for much-needed research into dementia

A commercial cement used in a knee revision arthroplasty ( the future
19 April 2012

Niall Kent is investigating the use of bioactive glasses in medical bone-substitute cements

Harry Rafferty in the Only Connect performance of His Teeth ?Karis MackenzieA new script for prisons
16 April 2012

Dr Caoimhe McAvinchey explores how theatre makers stage critical questions about the prison system

Carrot or stick: using incentives in healthcare
13 March 2012

Professor Richard Ashcroft explores the pros and cons of using incentives to encourage good health

Word cloud of responses to Embodied EmotionsEmotional literacy: whose business is it?
13 March 2012

Dr Thomas Dixon looks at the part emotion plays in UK education

What does it mean to be English?
13 March 2012

Professor Michael Kenny is examining the political and policy implications of a resurgence of English national identity

Managing organisational change
13 March 2012

Professor Maxine Robertson explores organisational change in the healthcare sector

Women in power: what difference does it make?
13 March 2012

Dr Rainbow Murray looks at the rise of women in politics – from gender quotas to the differences between male and female MPs

The House of Commons at Westminster as drawn by Augustus Pugin and Thomas Rowlandson The power of political oratory
12 March 2012

Dr Chris Reid examines the customs and practices of political speechmaking from the 18th century to the present day

A Kiowa ledger drawing possibly depicting the Buffalo Wallow battle in 1874, a fight between Southern Plains Indians and the US Army during the Red River War (Source: Wikipedia)Language holds the key to a disappearing culture
8 March 2012

Queen Mary Linguistics team studies a fast disappearing Native American language

The biology of sexual attraction
8 March 2012

Dr Qazi Rahman contributes to the nature vs nurture debate over sexual identity and orientation

How our diet protects our nervous system and affects the plasticity of the brain
1 March 2012

Professor Adina Michael-Titus is harnessing the power of natural compounds for neural protection

Market in Hackney, LondonThe changing sound of society
1 March 2012

Professor Jenny Cheshire tunes into the new sounds of English

The significance of childhood for adult mental health
27 February 2012

Professor Stephen Stansfeld assesses the impact of childhood stress on later life

Participants at a Witness Seminar on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) held on 24 May 2011Witness seminars – a new way of making history
23 February 2012

Professor Tilli Tansey opens up new discussion of the past  

ZebrafishUnderstanding the genetics of addiction
23 February 2012

Dr Caroline Brennan is learning about the biology of human addiction through observing zebrafish

A game of diceHow does our behaviour add up?
23 February 2012

Professor Nicolaas Vriend uses game theory to shed light on human interaction

Futuristic capsule technology
23 January 2012

Professor Gleb Sukhorukov is developing remote-controlled nanocapsules with an exciting range of applications 

James BusfieldRubber: the next generation
1 December 2011

Dr James Busfield is working towards the next generation of rubber, from improving the performance of car and aeroplane tyres, to developing new applications for ‘smart’ elastomers

Creating nanomaterials with the exciting potential for new applications
24 October 2011

Dr Marina Resmini is working with nanomaterials to develop new drug delivery systems 

A chess piece made of glassGlass that's safe to swallow
24 October 2011

Professor Robert Hill is working with bioactive glasses with a wide range of applications 

Using smart sensors to understand athletic prowess
22 October 2011

Professor Pankaj Vadgama is looking at ways to improve athletic performance

Reducing accidental injury in the UK
18 October 2011

Professor Allyson Pollock is looking into reducing the high numbers of deaths by accidental injury 

Electronic circuit boardFlexible electronics
18 October 2011

Dr Mark Baxendale is developing flexible, lightweight and electronically conductive material 

How can we extend digital inclusion to older people?
18 October 2011

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh is looking into how we can make technology work for the elderly  

New ways to protect tooth enamel and treat Xerostomia
18 October 2011

Dr Paul Anderson is harnessing the power of natural saliva to better protect teeth

Can we escape urban pollution?
18 October 2011

Professor Jonathan Grigg is looking at ways to minimise our exposure to air pollution in urban environments

Addressing poverty across London: the case for paying a ‘living wage’
18 October 2011

Professor Jane Wills makes a case for the living wage and fairer working conditions, starting at Queen Mary

Fighting obesity across England
17 October 2011

Professor Steven Cummins is leading an evaluation of the Government's Healthy Towns initiative

Does noise leave a lasting impression on children’s minds?
17 October 2011

Professor Stephen Stansfeld and Dr Charlotte Clark explore the impact of noise on child development 

How to measure the effects of physical activity on mental health?
17 October 2011

Professor Kam Bhui explores the links between physical activity, wellbeing and mental health