New Students

Enrolment for distance learning students

Thank you for your interest in studying at Queen Mary University of London on a distance learning programme. These pages provide you with information on the process for enrolling on your programme.

Prior to undertaking pre-enrolment, you should have already accepted your offer of a place at Queen Mary. If you haven’t, you will need the relevant instructions from our Admissions Office, which should have been emailed to you directly.

During the enrolment process, you will:

  • undertake the first stage of enrolment, known as 'pre-enrolment'
  • pay or make provision to pay your tuition fees.

Pre-enrolment is an online task and is the first stage of the overall enrolment process; you must complete it before you can become fully enrolled. You will only be able to access pre-enrolment once you have been made an offer of a place at Queen Mary and accepted it, at which stage you will receive an email inviting you to pre-enrol. This normally happens around four weeks before the start date of your programme but may be less if you are made a late offer on to a programme. The email should contain all the instructions you need to log in to Queen Mary's student portal, MySIS, and complete pre-enrolment.

Please select the statement which applies to you: 


If you encounter any problems or have any queries during the enrolment process, support is available by emailing