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Photograph of comedian Nish Kumar delivering a performance at Queen Mary News story: Nish Kumar delivers Queen Mary’s Annual Arts Lecture 2019
6 June 2019

The stand-up comedian Nish Kumar has delivered Queen Mary's Annual Arts Lecture for 2019.

Félix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Blog: DRC’s new president faces fresh challenges with old-guard premier
5 June 2019

Dr Reuben Loffman, a Lecturer in African History at Queen Mary University of London has written an opinion piece for The Conversation in which he argues that Felix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) faces challenges with established figures in the government.

News story: Making a splash is all in the angle
5 June 2019

Making a splash depends on the angle of a liquid as it hits and moves along a surface, according to a new study from Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Mathematicians work out how to predict success in show business
4 June 2019

Mathematicians from Queen Mary University of London have found a way to predict whether an actor’s career has peaked or if their most successful days lie ahead.

Cartoons on food packaging. Credit: Mike Mozart (CC BY 2.0) News story: Call for ban on cartoons on unhealthy food packaging
4 June 2019

In the biggest survey of its kind, new research by Action on Sugar and Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London, has found that half of the 526 food and drink products which use cartoons on their packs are unnecessarily high in fat, sugar and/or salt.

Professor Chloe Orkin News story: Professor appointed as Vice-President of Medical Women's Federation
3 June 2019

Professor Chloe Orkin from Queen Mary University of London has been appointed as the new Vice-President of the UK’s leading organisation for women doctors.

News story: Coffee not as bad for heart and circulatory system as previously thought
3 June 2019

Drinking coffee might keep us up at night, but new research has given us a reason to sleep easy knowing that the popular drink isn’t as bad for our arteries as some previous studies would suggest. The research from Queen Mary University of London has shown that drinking coffee, including in people who drink up to 25 cups a day, is not associated with having stiffer arteries.

News story: Clinical calculator could spare breast cancer patients five years of unnecessary hormone therapy
30 May 2019

New research by Queen Mary University of London and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust confirms that an algorithm, called CTS5, accurately identifies patients who are at low risk of their breast cancer returning at a later stage.

News story: Surgery patients are getting older every year
29 May 2019

A combination of the improved safety of anaesthesia and surgery for older people, and a general improvement in availability of surgical treatments in the NHS is likely to be the reasons why people undergoing surgery in England are getting older at a faster rate than the general population. 

News story: Queen Mary extends legal placement programme in collaboration with leading law firms
29 May 2019

Queen Mary University of London is set to launch an extension of its popular business placement programme for LLB students in collaboration with two leading law firms, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP) and Bindmans LLP.

News story: Exploring the political, social and cultural relevance of the European spa
28 May 2019

Academics from the University of Amsterdam, Lund University, Freie Universit?t in Berlin and Queen Mary University of London will embark on a pan-European research project examining the European spa as a transnational space.

News story: Brexit: The views from Queen Mary academics
28 May 2019

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is one of the biggest political news stories of our time and Queen Mary’s academic experts have featured regularly in the media.

News story: Queen Mary’s staff and students participate in the Vitality London 10k
27 May 2019

Staff and students from Queen Mary University of London have participated in the Vitality London 10,000. The 10 kilometre race was also a focal point for Queen Mary’s fundraising activities for Community Sport.

News story: Technology to capture energy from sea waves awarded funding
24 May 2019

A team from Queen Mary has been awarded funding to develop technology to capture energy from waves at sea.

News story: Spanish flu was ignored as a ‘minor infection’ two years before the great outbreak of 1918
24 May 2019

The most severe pandemic in recent history, killing some 50 million people worldwide, the Spanish Influenza, may have emerged up to two years earlier than previously believed, according to a new study by Queen Mary University of London researchers.

Blog: Anonymity and a Vulnerable Individual: The Troubling Case of Justyna
23 May 2019

Valerie Eliot Smith is a non-practising barrister and Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London. In a piece written for The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog she argues that in the case of a Polish woman, Justyna, who was forced to give birth to a stillborn child, is an example of a failure to apply that proportionality test, causing immense suffering to the individuals involved. 

News story: DNA discovery could have implications for mitochondrial donation treatment
23 May 2019

Mitochondria, the ‘batteries’ that produce our energy, interact with the cell’s nucleus in subtle ways previously unseen in humans, according to research involving academics from Queen Mary University of London.

News story: London heart disease patients take part in clinical trial to test alternative to statins
20 May 2019

A clinical trial, coordinated by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, is currently recruiting patients in London to see whether a new cholesterol-lowering drug could save lives in people who are intolerant to statins.

News story: Diabetes patients at higher risk of deadly liver disease, finds study of 18 million people
20 May 2019

Many patients with potentially deadly liver cirrhosis and liver cancer are being diagnosed at late advanced stages of disease, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London and the University of Glasgow.

News story: Queen Mary Professor receives Historical Biography award
17 May 2019

Professor Julian Jackson, Head of the School of History at Queen Mary University of London, has been announced by the Society of Authors as the winner of the 2019 Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography, for his book ‘A Certain Idea of France: The Life of Charles De Gaulle’.

News story: Londoners want to be represented by local people
17 May 2019

London may be one of the most multicultural, multi-ethnic cities in the world, but its residents want their local councillors to come from the areas they represent.  A new YouGov poll, commissioned by Professors Tim Bale and Philip Cowley of Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute, found that six out of 10 of the capital’s voters would like to see more councillors from their local area. 

News story: Prime Minister visits new medical school building in Malta
17 May 2019

On Wednesday the Prime Minister of Malta visited Queen Mary University of London’s Malta campus where the new medical school building is currently under construction.

News story: Exploring the future of British Party Politics
17 May 2019

Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary’s School of Politics and International Relations has presented a keynote speech at the Wonkhe conference on 16 May 2019, The Rule of Engagement: Building political trust and confidence in universities, where he explored possible outcomes for UK political parties in the future.

News story: Project launches to improve asthma control in African schoolchildren
16 May 2019

A new project to improve asthma in African children has been officially launched at an event in Durban, South Africa.

News story: Online complaint system used by Google and Twitter is like the ‘Wild West’
15 May 2019

The online complaint system used by web giants like Google and Twitter is a ‘Wild West’ with evidence of abuse by complainants, according to a new study from Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Funding awarded to develop kidney-on-a-chip for animal free drug testing
14 May 2019

A Queen Mary researcher has been awarded funding to develop artificial kidneys, known as kidney-on-a-chip, to avoid testing drugs on animals.

News story: New tool to predict epileptic seizures in pregnancy could save lives
13 May 2019

A new risk calculator for pregnant women with epilepsy, developed by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, has been found to accurately predict the risk of seizures during pregnancy and up to six weeks after delivery, and could save the lives of mothers and babies.

News story: Climate change responsible for severe infectious disease in UK frogs
10 May 2019

Climate change has already increased the spread and severity of a fatal disease that infects common frogs in the UK, according to research led by Queen Mary University of London, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)’s Institute of Zoology and University College London (UCL).

News story: Queen Mary cosmologist to explore the universe as a Future Leader Fellow
10 May 2019

A Queen Mary cosmologist has been announced as a Future Leader Fellow as part of a new government initiative to give researchers an opportunity to deliver global impact.

Blog: Facebook wants to combat fake news with ID checks – with ‘grave implications’ for our privacy
9 May 2019

Dr Fadi Safieddine, Associate Professor in Management Information Systems in Queen Mary's School of Business and Management has written an opinion piece for The Conversation. He argues that Facebook's new ID checks has serious implications including leaving political activists in some countries vulnerable to reprisal from authoritarian regimes.