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Future Global Leaders Forum

The Future Global Leaders Forum is a new programme enabling students to work and learn together and build the skills, mindset and cultural agility needed in a future global leader. The focus is on taking leadership and driving positive change across our campuses and local community.

The Future Global Leaders Forum is open to all Queen Mary students (home and international). The Future Global Leaders Forum 2019 has 3 project streams:

Stream 1: Step Up Grants. Funds for students to implement projects that enhance campus or academic life. An open call inviting students to step up and propose the changes they want. 

Stream 2: Community Leadership. A charity-based strand that will engage students with our surrounding multi-cultural community, teaming up on projects that empower local citizens/youth. Participants will attend two days of training in leadership or in mentoring and participate in work experience with the award-winning Leaders in Community organisation.

Stream 3: Student Partners Projects. Students apply to work on projects with a member of academic or professional services staff.  Suggested project themes are further defined by the selected students in collaboration with their staff partner.

All participants in the Future Global Leaders Forum are invited to participate in the Global Leaders Summit, networking with influential leaders and receiving feedback on their project work. This will take place on 25th March.

Additional sessions on leadership and networking skills, and opportunities for networking, will also be offered.


This opportunity is available to all Queen Mary students (UK and international students). You should be available to participate in February and March. The maximum number of hours is expected to be no more than 20 hours over a 5-week period.



How to Apply

Basic online application forms can be accessed through the individual stream webpage links above. Applications will close on 14th January 2019. An application guidance note for each stream can be found on the individual stream webpages. Please read this in advance of starting your application. You may apply to more than one stream.


If you have any questions about this scheme please contact us by emailing 

Information Sessions

For further information,an information session will be held on 14th January.  

The slides from the last information session can be downloaded here FGLF Info Session Slides [PDF 1,908KB]