Joint programmes

Queen Mary’s vision is to develop international partnerships on a basis of true equality, enabling collaborative research and teaching, and through fostering mutual understanding. With this in mind the Joint Programme model was developed and has since been run with increasing successes.

The ‘JP’ is a truly innovative way of teaching and is currently unique to Queen Mary. It operates by combining the academic expertise of two international institutions to create one jointly taught programme, blending the strengths of different educational cultures and providing a more profound awareness of the business practices of both countries. The programmes are collaboratively designed to respond to a globalised industrial environment, and to equip students with a combination of the best aspects of two different education systems – making them ever more attractive to employers across the globe.

This ground-breaking model for collaboration in education was given further recognition when Queen Mary was recently named the winner of the New Horizons category in the Cathay Pacific China Business Awards – a prestigious awards scheme designed to acknowledge and celebrate UK business dynamism and success in Hong Kong and China.

Key elements of the joint programme model

  • Students receive two separate degree awards, one from each partner institution – doubling the prestige and recognition of the degree.
  • Teaching is done entirely in English, preparing the students to work globally.
  • 50% of teaching is carried out by professors of the host University, and 50% by Queen Mary professors who use a ‘flying faculty’ model to teach in person.
  • Quality of the programmes meets the requirements of regulatory bodies of both countries and where there is discrepancy the most stringent regulation is adhered to.

Current joint programme partners