International articulation partnerships

This type of partnership offers students a unique opportunity to begin their degree programme at their own university before transferring to a similar programme at Queen Mary to complete their studies. These arrangements are sometimes referred to as 3+2, 2+2, etc. Students have the opportunity to live in London, experience the UK education system and gain a UK degree without spending their entire educational careers here. This combination of international learning experiences gives the student a much wider knowledge of their subject area on a global scale, brings their English language to near fluency, raises their multi-cultural awareness, and gives them a robust base with which to enter the world of work.

Students following this route will be awarded a Queen Mary University of London degree on completion of their course. In some cases students achieve both an undergraduate degree from the partner university and a postgraduate degree from Queen Mary. Careful examination of the syllabus taught at the partner university and how well it matches our own syllabus is carried out in advance to ensure students make the transfer as smoothly as possible.

Queen Mary has developed many successful articulation partnerships with some of the most prestigious universities in China. We greatly value the collaborative nature of the relationships which are strengthened by research initiatives, academic exchange and other types of collaboration. As a result Queen Mary holds a particularly strong presence in East Asia and is now looking to expand this to other areas of the globe by developing similar relationships with institutions in India, Latin America, South East Asia and other regions.

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