Resilient Futures India Initiative (RFII)

The RFII open partnership will build relationships between Indian and UK academic, civil society, policy and industry leaders to design durable solutions for enhancing lives, communities, and systems in contexts of uncertainty.

Through focused meetings with partners, RFII will understand the key resilience challenges facing India today, co-create programmes for research, and identify opportunities for intervention both in India and in the UK. The initiative will drive interdisciplinary research on resilience in areas such as urbanisation, gender equality, health, environmental sustainability, infrastructure and legal frameworks.

Key aims of RFII

  • develop and deliver innovative and impactful interventions for enhancing resilient lives, communities and systems in contexts of uncertainty in India and the UK
  • build sustainable research partnerships that harness local and global knowledge and ensure appropriate and durable solutions
  • design and deliver agenda setting research that responds to challenges and informs evidence-based policy
  • build multidisciplinary collaborative research teams and enhance UK-India research capacity


RFII Launch, February 2019
Who is resilience for? What does it mean to be resilient? Where is resilience most critical? How can research and innovation have an impact in supporting more resilient futures in India and the UK?

RFII launch workshops and a reception will be held in New Delhi from the 1st to 3rd February 2019 to interrogate the meaning of resilience. These activities represent the start of research conversations and will set the broader agenda for future research programmes as well as initiating conversations and collaborations in the areas of urbanisation, mental health and rights.

The RFII is led by Queen Mary University of London with support from the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, British Council and Commonwealth Secretary General. 

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To find out more about RFII please contact:

Dr Philippa Williams, Academic Lead