Alumni Ambassadors

A role for recent graduates

The Alumni Ambassador scheme exists to support QMUL students before, during and following their studies with us.

Going to university is a significant milestone in anyone's life and as a former student, you will remember some of the questions you had about coming to study at Queen Mary. What is the course like? How will I be taught? What is expected of me? What is it like to study in London? Will I get enough help and support while I’m there? How easy is it to find private accommodation in London? What will my employment prospects be like after my course finishes and how do I begin my career?

QMUL will of course continue to support students in answering these questions but in addition to this, our students have told us that they would welcome the opportunity to occasionally talk with someone in their home country who studied at QMUL and to seek their advice regarding the study environment, life at QMUL and in the long term, how to take those first few steps on their career path.

We are seeking your assistance in making this request a reality.

What’s expected of Alumni Ambassadors?
You should be happy to share your experience of studying at QMUL and living in London and where possible be able to offer careers advice and identify opportunities for internships or employment for students who have studied your discipline or one similar. The latter will only be expected of you once you have fully established your own career path, of course.

In the main we expect that your communication with prospective students will be via email, but it may be that you are also asked to participate in recruitment activities in your home country with QM International staff.

Alumni Ambassadors will have a dedicated presence on the university website, and will receive support from QMUL International and the Development and Alumni Directorate to help form an informal network to share best practice and advice.

Who are we looking for?
Initially, we are looking for recent graduates (last 3 years) who can provide relevant information on their recent experiences of applying to, studying at and graduating from QMUL. However we would welcome interest from graduates who are well established in their chosen career and studied a Postgraduate programme at QMUL.

In the first instance we are looking to establish Ambassadors in the following regions:

  • Africa (Ghana, Kenya)                                                                             
  • East Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan)                                                                                                                         
  • Middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)   
  • South East Asia (Vietnam)                                                                                                                                                                           

However, if you are an enthusiastic recent graduate from another country, where we do not have an Alumni Ambassador, we would be very happy to hear from you as well.

What can you expect from QMUL?
As an Ambassador you will be a respected member of our worldwide community of alumni and will be featured on our Alumni and QMUL International webpages.

You will receive regular briefings from us on the latest relevant news from QMUL and an online support guide that will be updated annually. You will also have a dedicated contact within QMUL International Office.

We can also establish an Alumni Ambassadors branch on our ‘LinkedIn’ network pages so that support and best practice can be shared. We can also set up a Facebook group for Alumni Ambassadors so that you can communicate with one another and share pictures of any events you have attended in more informal surroundings.

Volunteering your time as an Alumni Ambassador you will also have the opportunity to network with senior staff from QMUL when they are in your country hosting receptions, conferences and employer networking events.

How will it work?
Alumni Ambassador networks will sit alongside and complement existing alumni associations but will be separate from them. While a commitment of time is inevitable for Alumni Ambassadors, it is hoped that this will be ad-hoc and occasional – the plan is to have multiple Ambassadors in any one country where possible. This should minimise the amount of time any individual spends supporting the scheme and we are asking that Ambassadors make a commitment to a two-year term in the first instance. The network in each country will be reviewed annually to ensure that Ambassadors are comfortable with what is being asked of them. 

How do I become an Alumni Ambassador?
In the first instance, please send an email to Anita Walton ( providing a brief personal background (Degree, year of graduation, discipline/current role, contact details) and a paragraph on why you would like to become a QMUL Alumni Ambassador.