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Green Mary CampUS Challenge

The Green Mary CampUS Challenge is Queen Mary’s internal campaign to reduce energy use and to promote sustainability within the university owned halls of residences by running an interhall competition with the winner being the hall that reduces its electricity consumption by the biggest percentage. Prizes will be awarded each term and at the end of the year the hall with the biggest electricity reduction will win a party with free food, music and games.For more information about the scheme and case studies from other universities visit the NUS website linked in the box on the right hand side of this page.

The programme will also involve running monthly photo competitions with different themes; students can win prizes by either posting the first photo of the month or thinking outside of the box and posting what the team judge to be the best picture.

We will be keeping students up to date on the competitions and winners on our social media pages so make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Blog.

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