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QMUL produces an Annual Sustainability Report which shows how we are contributing to the sustainability agenda.

Annual Report

The 2015/16 QMUL Sustainability Report is now available to download.

The report provides an overview of sustainability across QMUL and describes how it is inextricably linked to the university's values, heritage and fundamental purpose. It also highlights examples of the positive economic, social and environmental impacts QMUL has made over the last 12 months.

Annual Sustainability Targets

QMUL adopts a series of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability targets, the main targets for each area are contained in the documents below. The targets are informed by the GRI requirements and extensive stakeholder consultation. The targets are reviewed annually for suitability and approved by the Sustainability Committee.

Economic Targets [PDF 241KB]

Environmental Targets [PDF 249KB]

Social Targets [PDF 237KB]

Carbon Reduction Strategy

QMUL has developed a Carbon Reduction Strategy to provide a roadmap todays achieving our carbon reduction target of 34%  tCO2e by 2020 based on 2005/6 levels.

QMUL Carbon Reduction Strategy Summary [PDF 391KB]

Carbon Reduction Strategy Report [PDF 4,137KB]

QMUL Energy Audit Reports - Mile End [PDF 3,824KB]

QMUL Energy Audit Reports - Charterhouse Square [PDF 1,150KB]

QMUL Energy Audit Reports - Whitechapel [PDF 1,757KB]

Carbon Management and Implementation Plan

QMUL produces a Carbon Management and Implementation plan outlining how we will meet our carbon reduction targets. The plan is reviewed annually and historical copies can be found below.

QMUL Carbon Management and Implementation Plan [PDF 831KB]

Carbon Management and Implementation Plan 2011 [PDF 215KB]

2010 Carbon Management and Implementation Plan 2010 [PDF 1,237KB]

Energy and Environmental Management Documentation


QMUL are implementing an Energy & Environmental Management System (E&EMS) accredited to the international standards ISO 14001 & ISO 50001. To support this we have a number of policies, procedures and strategies. As these are finalised and approved by the Sustainability Committee, they will be added below.

Travel Plans

We have completed travel plans and summaries for all of our three main campuses to help facilitate easier sustainable travel for both students and staff at QMUL.

Mile End Campus Travel Plan [PDF 2,871KB]

Mile End Travel Plan summary [PDF 274KB]

Whitechapel Travel Plan [PDF 3,212KB]

Whitechapel Travel Plan Summary [PDF 267KB]

Charterhouse Square Travel Plan [PDF 2,010KB]

Charterhouse Square Travel Plan Summary [PDF 264KB]

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