About us


Sustainable transport is about encouraging people to make informed choices about the way they travel and making them aware of the consequences of these choices on their health, environment and local community. It's about helping people to reduce their car dependency and encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport, when and where possible.

Our Commitment

At QMUL we try to encourage all students, staff and visitors to travel to the University sustainably and, as a university moments from central London with over 20,200 students and 4,000 members of staff, transport is a very important issue.

We are working towards implementing travel plans for all of our campuses to facilitate easier sustainable travel for students and staff. Supporting our travel plans is our Sustainable Transport Policy which outlines our institutional responsibility to incorporate sustainable transport principles and practices across all areas of the University.

We also carry out regular tri-annual commuter surveys among students and staff to help determine how these groups travel to the campuses, helping us inform decisions on future infrastructure improvements.

Throughout the year QMUL hold a number of events to promote sustainable transport options including an annual Bike Week. These are promoted through our News and Events page.

We have a dedicated sustainable travel Twitter and email – please do get in touch if you have any ideas or comments to make.