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Working with young people

T Rex Skull

The Queen Mary 'Devil Rex' for outreach workshops and events

Queen Mary has a team of staff who work closely with a range of schools, organising revision classes, summer schools, student mentoring schemes, talks and open days, all designed to promote the benefits – and possibilities – of a university education. 

Our academics and students also work with schools and young people in a variety of innovative ways, bringing their research to life, sharing their knowledge and experience and learning themselves from young people's insightful questions and viewpoints. Below we've included just a few examples of this work: 

Centre of the Cell

Centre of the Cell is our flagship science centre, a pod suspended above a working scientific laboratory. School groups can see the scientists at work before entering the cell to see a short presentation and then playing on the interactive games and activities inside the nucleus. The Centre also visits schools, and has an interactive website with teaching resources and science games.

Centre of the Cell

Since opening in 2009, around 50 per cent of all school participants coming to Centre of the Cell have been from a ten-mile radius of Whitechapel, with 81 per cent of Tower Hamlets primary schools and 100 per cent of Tower Hamlets secondary schools taking part in their activities

The Centre also offers work experience placements, revision and mentoring sessions, careers workshops and volunteering opportunities for young people aged between 14 and 19. Through this, teenagers have created joint activities with the centre, such as ‘Spores, Sores and Sickly Bugs’ and the WW1 Whitechapel Medical Marvels Trail

For more information contact Ros Croker.

Palaeontology in Schools

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) have obtained a life-sized cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull from the 'Devil Rex' on display at the Smithsonian Institute. The cast is being used for school visits, public engagement and outreach to give local pupils a chance to get close to – and learn more about – prehistoric animals, and the sciences more generally.

To find out more about SBCS outreach work or to request a school or college visit please email: sbcs-admissions@qmul.ac.uk

We will take our new Tyrannosaurus out to visit local schools, giving pupils in the area a chance to get close to, and learn more about, these amazing animals
Dave Hone


Spotlight is a programme by Project Phakama (meaning rise up, elevate and empower yourself), bourne out of a desire to equip the next generation of artists and producers with the practical and social skills needed to access the industry with knowledge, confidence and experience. 

From 2014-2016 Phakama will offer 30 young people who are not in employment, education or training and who have been claming benefits, the opportunity to take part in the Spotlight Programme – a combination of extensive training in the behind the scenes of the arts and professional work placements in one of our partner organisations.

Cutting East Youth Film Festival

Cutting East Film Festival is a youth led multi-arts festival which combines music, film, poetry, performance and art to explore current issues in East London such as stereotypes and identity. The Cutting East programming team is made up of young people, aged between 16-21 who come from all over the East End of London.

Queen Mary have been involved with the festival from the very start, with our staff involved in setting up the first programme in 2013, and have continued as active partners as the festival has grown over the following years. The programme has also been part funded by the Queen Mary Innovation fund.

To find out more about Cutting East, visit their website or watch the video.